Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals, but rather they are classified into a separate category called fungi.

It is estimated that the Earth has 2 million different species of fungi, and of which only 80,000 have been properly identified. Early Romans referred to mushrooms as “food for the gods”. Mushrooms are “immuno‐modulators” that bioactively boost our immune systems. They work by either up­-regulating a weak immune system to enhance its ability to fight infections or by down-­regulating strong but misdirected immune systems, which cause allergies, arthritis, asthma and other disorders.

The common “oyster mushroom” has a velvety texture and a mild flavor. It does not taste like an oyster but it has a resemblance to shellfish, hence the name.

Oyster mushrooms are packed with proteins, folic acid, potassium, niacin, Vitamin C and B3 complex, and other mineral salts needed by the human body. They are recommended for people with high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes due to their low sodium/potassium ratio, starch, fat, and calorific value. They're a natural source of statin, a cholesterol-lowering drug. One mushroom can contain up to 0.4 % to 2. 7 % of statins. The iron phosphorous and calcium in oyster mushrooms are double that of chicken, pork and beef. Vitamin B3 in these mushrooms are five to ten times higher compared to most other vegetables. 



Fresh Oyster                                Php100/250grams
Dried Oyster                                Php200/150grams
Milky Mushroom                        Php200/250grams
Fresh Woodear                           Php100/250grams
Button Mushroom                     Php150/200grams
Shiitake Mushroom                   Php150/150grams
King Oyster Mushroom             Php200/250grams
Baby Portobello                         Php350/250grams
BBQ Portobello                          Php420/250grams
Enoki Mushroom                       Php65/150grams
Shimeji Mushroom                    Php130/200grams

Fresh Oyster                                Php300/kl
Dried Oyster                                Php1500/kl
Milky Mushroom                        Php400/kl
Fresh Woodear                           Php300/kl
Button Mushroom                     Php420/kl
Shiitake Mushroom                   Php700/kl
King Oyster Mushroom             Php550/kl
Baby Portobello                         Php950/kl
BBQ Portobello                          Php1200/kl
Enoki Mushroom                       Php290/kl
Shimeji Mushroom                    Php650/kl

Fresh Oyster                                Php250 (10kls & above)
Dried Oyster                                Php1000 (3kls & above)
Milky Mushroom                        Php350(10kls & above)
Fresh Woodear                           Php250 (10kls & above)
Button Mushroom                      Php380 (10kls & above)
Shiitake Mushroom                    Php600 (10kls & above)
King Oyster Mushroom              Php450 (10kls & above)
Baby Portobello                          Php900 (10kls & above)
BBQ Portobello                           Php1000 (5kls & above)
Enoki Mushroom                        Php250 (10kls & above)
Shimeji Mushroom                     Php500 (10kls & above)

Variety A
(250g shiitake+250g button+
250g king oyster+
250g woodear)                                Php500/pack

Variety B
(250g shiitake+250g button+
250g king oyster+
250g milky mushroom   )                   Php550/pack

Variety C
(200g shiitake+200g button+
200g enoki +200g shimeji +
100g woodear + 100g fresh oyster )   Php500/pack

Variety D
(500g shiitake+500g button)             Php600/pack

Variety E
(250g shiitake+250g button+
250g king oyster+
250g portobello)                            Php650/pack

Variety F
(create your own kilo pack
choices: shiitake,button,fresh oyster,
fresh woodear, abalone)                        Php550/pack

MoM's Mushroom Burger         Php250/half dozen
Mushroom Salt                          Php150/bottle
Mushroom Risotto                    Php300/pack
Mushroom Biryani                     Php300/pack

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