Edgy Veggy

Edgy Veggy is a vegetarian commissary and delivery service providing fresh, healthy and wholesome vegetarian food. Edgy Veggy's mission is to make available to everybody healthy nutritious food that is unprocessed and without refined sugars, carbohydrates, animal products and chemicals. 






Fresh organic vegetables and fruits among others are made available seven days a week at the newly-opened ECHOmarket Sustainable Farms at Serendra. The latest brainchild of the ECHOtrio (Chit Juan, Jeannie Javelosa and Reena Francisco) behind ECHOstore, the ECHOmarket embraces the same philosophy of sustainability – supporting local food producers and organic farmers.

Philippine Chamber of Commerce for Food and Agriculture (PCAFI)


A sustainable and globally competitive agribusiness system that materially contributes to the Philippine economy.


1. Identify and activate agribusiness investments where the Philippines enjoys comparative global advantage.
2. Identify and pursue opportunities for better interface, or even integration, of the applicable agribusiness system through contract growing between farmers/fishermen and business firms.
3. Advocate and make accessible resources needed for agribusiness systems, e.g. inputs technology, post harvest facilities and process, markets, credit, infrastructure, manpower development, etc.
4. Identify and advocate policy reforms in support of agribusiness systems.


Living up to its mission of providing “foods that nourish” Sugarleaf in Wilson Street, Greenhills and Urdaneta Village, Makati is a healthy-eats resto-store featuring a mini-mart of locally-sourced produce from certified organic farms including the Ministry of Mushroom’s fantastic products, which are the main ingredients of the restaurant’s all-day dining menu.

Holy Carabao

Holy Carabao is your number one source for all organic veggies, fruits, fresh juices and jams, rice, coco sugar, wild honey, goats milk, kesong puti and other healthy and natural goodies! We do door to door delivery of our products to almost anywhere in Metro Manila. We also specialize in customized gift crates and corporate gifts catered to fit your needs!